CTB Car Loan Rates

Annual percentage Rates (APR) -As Low As*


Loan Type Up to 48 months 60-72 Months
New Car 3.50 3.95
Used Car 4.00 4.25


*Assumptions-Apr is the Annual Percentage Rate. Rates quoted above assumes excellent borrower credit history. Actual APRs many vary and are subject to change based on individual credit history.


*A loan fee may apply.




We made certain assumptions in generating the payment in the example below.


Auto Loans


Loan Amount $20,000
Term 60 months
Available Terms 36-72 months


The following additional disclosures apply:


  • Credit subject to approval
  • Loan fees may be required
  • Assumes auto is new or less than one year old
  • Interest rate assumes excellent credit history
  • Rates and payment will vary by collateral, type and loan to value ratio
  • Rates and terms are subject to change without notice


Example: A 5-year fixed rate loan for $22,000 new car, with 10% down payment requires a $20,000 loan. Based on a simple interest rate of 3.95%, loan fees of $220, this loan would have 60 monthly payments of $371.90 each and an annual percentage rate (APR) of 4.394%.



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