ATTENTION Citizens Trust Bank Credit Card Accountholders:

Proactive Security Announcement-VISA® has been notified of a potential network breach. This breach is in the beginning stages of investigation by VISA®. Any cardholder account that is included in the investigation will be notified via phone or letter communication. Please review all Citizens Trust Bank VISA® statements during the time period of March 10, 2015 to April 14, 2015 for any possible discrepancies in your statements. Please contact Customer Service to dispute any unknown charges. As additional details on these events becomes available Citizens Trust Bank Credit Card account holders will be notified. If you have further questions and or concerns please contact us at 404.575.8287.


As a community bank we understand your frustration with big bank credit cards. That’s why we’re proud to offer the first-rate Visa® Credit Cards from Citizens Trust Bank. Get one step closer to becoming financially fit and win the battle against increasingly higher credit card rates, high minimum payments and high annual fees.


Our cards are designed with plans to meet your specific financial needs. As a fast and convenient way to make purchases, your Visa® Credit Card will be accepted at over 18 million establishments worldwide.


Use your Citizens Trust Bank Visa to transfer the outstanding balance from your current credit card to instantly reduce your finance charges! Apply for our Visa Card by visiting one of our financial centers or applying online. Take advantage of the great benefits the cards have to offer and get your finances back in shape.

Manage your Citizens Trust Bank credit card online with Customers can use to view your current account summary, available credit, statements, recent transactions, and billing information. Click here to try today.



CTB Visa® Classic – Secured


The perfect way to build good credit history - Contact a convenient Financial Center location to get started.



Credit Limits of

$500 to $4,999




Enjoy card benefits that go far beyond the average card to provide you with unparalleled travel services, security, and purchase protection.


Credit Limits of

$5000 to $10,000


CTB ATL Visa – New credit card of the ATL


A cash back REWARDS card. The more you use it the more cash rewards you can earn.






Credit Card Application

Credit Card Application

Credit Card Application
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