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Commercial Loans

We’re in the business to help yours GROW

Lines of Credit
Manage cash flow, and use it when you need it. Citizens Trust Bank lines of credit help you fund receivables and take advantage of opportunities.

Vehicle/Equipment Loans
If new or better equipment is the key to growing your business, we’re here to help you make it happen.
In any business, it takes equipment to produce and deliver your product or service. Need a fleet of trucks? Bottling machine? A few computers? Whatever it is, our customizable loan programs can help you get the gear you need – with payments you can afford.

Commercial Mortgage
Every business needs a home. If owning the roof over your company’s head is part of your business plan, let’s talk.

Refinance – Purchase
Financing Solutions for your Small Business needs
If you or someone you know is looking for financing to purchase as an owner-occupied building, refinance an existing loan, purchase equipment or other business needs, look no further than us. We have the passion for finding financing solutions for small businesses. We understand that small business plays a vital role in the overall US economy. Our lending advisors are dedicated to continuing to foster that growth. Contact Us – we welcome the opportunity to earn your business.

Construction to Perm

Business Credit Partnerships

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs announced Citizens Trust Bank as the first,
approved Georgia and Alabama bank to participate in the State Small Business Credit Initiative
program (SSBCI). The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 (the “Act”) became law in the fall of 2010.
The Act created the State Small Business Credit Initiative, which was funded to strengthen state
lending programs that support small businesses and manufacturers. As an approved lender, Citizens Trust Bank leverages the Bank’s private lending efforts for each public dollar awarded by the State. The State Small Business Credit Initiative is expected to infuse up to $15 billion nationwide in lending to small businesses. Participation in the loan program encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship, private lending, job expansion, and neighborhood revitalization for economic growth in the State.

SBA Lending

  • guaranteed by the US Small Business Administration and Longer Terms
  • Lower Down Payments
  • Short-term Lending

Church Lending

When you are purchasing, constructing or refinancing a new sanctuary, fellowship hall, school, child care facility, community center, major renovations or repairs, preparation for obtaining the needed capital is the key to success. And understanding how your church is measured by banks or other lending institutions will give you the best opportunity for approval.


We’re here for you…
If, at any time, you have questions regarding our products or services, please feel free to call us 404.575.8264, Contact US or stop by any of our convenient locations.