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Have you been thinking of buying Real Estate Owned (REO) property? Citizens Trust Bank may have the perfect opportunity for you. Check out our site to shop our bank owned properties.

Bankownedassets-Commercial_1Office, food/mart and residence situated on 0.94 acres of land locate at
Corner Of Moreland Ave, Ormewood Ave and Hall Ave Atlanta GA 30309

Asking Price: $850,000

Contact Info: Chris T. Jones
Citizens Trust Bank, 404-575-8342











Bankownedassets-Commercial_2Land Lot 61, 15th District, Decatur,
Dekalb County, GA 30034
8.459 acres of vacant land with Approximately 230.24 ft. frontage on Flakes Mill Rd

Asking Price: $650,000

Contact Info: Tarkenton Thompson,
Richard Bowers & Co.,



Bankownedassets-Commercial_38,201 sq. ft., 7-unit retail strip center on 3.36 acres of land located at
5421 Newton Road, Albany, GA 30303

Asking Price: $225,000

Contact Info: Chris Jones
Citizens Trust Bank, 404-575-8342














Bankownedassets-Commercial_4Vacant improved land (former convenience store location) located at
1341 Highway 138 NW, Conyers, GA

Asking Price: $199,000

Contact Info: Tarkenton Thompson,
Richard Bowers & Co., 404-816-1600




Bankownedassets-Commercial_53,197sq. ft. Commercial office Building (former adult day care facility) on an 1.84 acre site located at 786 Macland Road, Dallas,

GA 30132

Asking Price: $115,000

Contact Info: Tarkenton Thompson,
Richard Bowers & Co., 404-816-1600



Bankownedassets-Commercial_62,603sq. ft. commercial office suite on 0.10 acres of land located at
2520 Hollingsworth in Lithonia, GA,
currently leased.

Asking Price: $87,000

Contact Info: Chris Jones,
Citizens Trust Bank, 404-575-8342




Bankownedassets-Commercial_7Commercial real estate property located at
3012 Dowell Avenue SW, Birmingham, AL 35222
Property was formerly used as a church worship and service facility and
consist of church sanctuary, fellowship hall, and a small residence.

Asking Price: $105,000

Contact Info: Bunny Stokes Jr
Citizens Trust Bank 205-214-3011












Bankownedassets-Commercial_8Commercial real estate property located
at 2550 Clifton Springs Road Decatur, GA 30318
Church worship and service facility, consisting of a sanctuary, offices and classrooms, situated on over 4 acres.

Asking Price: $360,000

Contact Info: Tarkenon Thompson
Richard Bowers & Co, , 404-816-1600












Bankownedassets-Commercial_9Commercial real estate property located at
4952 US Hwy 98 West, Panama City Beach, FL 35228
8,220 square feet retail building (former Red Lobster), situated on a 2.63 acres

Asking Price: $950,000

Contact Info: Phillip Sherrill,
JDB Commercial Real Estate Advisors 678-462-6568





Bankownedassets-Commercial_10Commercial real estate property located at
385 University Avenue, SW, Atlanta, GA 30310
Retail building (former Auto Paint and Body Shop ), includes 3 vacant lots.

Asking Price: $135,000

Contact Info: Chris Jones
Citizens Trust Bank: 404-575-8342




Buying a bank-owned property is different from a traditional purchase; therefore, we recommend that you work with an experienced real estate agent in order to understand some of what makes buying bank owned properties unique. Once you are ready to shop for real estate owned properties, Citizens Trust Bank is providing this property search service, which allows you to review our Real Estate Owned (REO) properties. With the right tools and information, we think you will find an opportunity that is right for you.

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