What is Estate Planning?

Meet Aimee D. Griffin J.D. LLM- A Citizens Trust Bank Financial Empowerment Partner

Most people think that an estate plan is just a Last Will and Testament. A comprehensive estate plan clarifies not only what happens to your stuff when you pass away, it clarifies what supports would be in place if you were unable to make decisions for yourself.  It also helps create the strategy to build a legacy for your future.  The legacy that you build will create structures and support for making sure the values and dreams that you have for your community and descendants come to pass.

The strategy of creating, protecting and transferring assets is so much more than just documents but it requires planning that puts into place the goals, dreams, and visions that you have spent your life building.  The success of that plan requires taking advantage of the laws and the tools to facilitate your goals.  Write the vision and make it plain so that those who can read it can run with it.  It is Biblical and it is also the law.

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