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Why Should I Have an Estate Plan?

Why Should I Have an Estate Plan?

From the desk of Aimee D. Griffin J.D. LLM– A Citizens Trust Bank Financial Empowerment Partner

Each of us needs to give instructions to those who we love and love us what to do if we become incapacitated and when we die.

Promoting Positive and Economic Growth in Our Communities: Estate PlanningGreed and grief are two emotions that are powerful.  Actions taken that are driven by these emotions may have a negative impact that could destroy a family emotionally and financially. If you don’t identify what you would want to happen if you became ill, the family members that are charged with making that decision could disagree and hold onto the despair that is the result of the decision that is made on your behalf.  We know where there are two or more people present there is a capacity for disagreement.  That disagreement can result in arguments, litigation and family dissolution.  We can strengthen our families and communities by planning beyond our lifetime.

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