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Inventory changes and is not guaranteed to remain on the site for any period of time. Feel free to visit this page for properties for sale as they are available.

Buying a bank-owned property is different from a traditional purchase; therefore, we recommend that you work with an experienced real estate agent in order to understand some of what makes buying bank owned properties unique. Once you are ready to shop for real estate owned properties, Citizens Trust Bank is providing this property search service, which allows you to review our Real Estate Owned (REO) properties. With the right tools and information, we think you will find an opportunity that is right for you.

Properties listed are for informational purposes only. Although we make every effort to keep the list current, the list may contain properties already under contract or previously sold.

Citizens Trust Bank does not engage in the brokerage of foreclosed property. This service is not a solicitation by Citizens Trust Bank to engage in any real estate brokerage transaction or any other activity that requires a real estate license. Information is displayed for your informational purposes only and is does not constitute an offer by Citizens Trust Bank to sell any property. Property can only be purchased by the execution of a written purchase and sale agreement.

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