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Cash Management

Optimizing cash flow isn’t just about managing your money. It’s about helping you find ways to do it even better.

As a small business owner, one of your most important tasks is managing your cash flow. Helping you with all your most important tasks is exactly what we’re here for. Our cash management solution eBusiness Cash Manager can help you manage your finances securely and conveniently anytime, anywhere. We’re making it all simpler, so you can get back to what’s important—your business.

Simplify, minimize risk and take control of online business decisions. The simply navigated, eBusiness Cash Manager’s streamlined tools allow businesses to manage accounts and finances efficiently with ease.

eBusiness Cash Manager offers three tiers of service with different options of valuable cash management features. In most cases, if the required average monthly balance is met, there’s no monthly maintenance fee. Manage cash flow more effectively, reduce costs, increase control and maximize your productivity.

Take advantage of what eBusiness Cash Manager has to offer:

eBusiness Cash Manager Features eBusiness Cash Manager REGULAR eBusiness Cash Manager PLUS eBusiness Cash Manager PREMIER
View accounts for multiple business entities YES YES YES
View account balances and transactions YES YES YES
View pending transactions YES YES YES
Check images—Unlimited YES YES YES
Schedule one-time and recurring transfers—Internally YES YES YES
Establish employee access to designated business accounts YES YES YES


To enroll for the Citizens Trust Bank eBuisness Cash Manager or to upgrade your current Citizens Trust Bank cash management solutions- is simple. Call 1.888.214.3099, or visit your local financial center to learn more about how eBusiness Cash Manager can help your business.

*Refer to the eBusiness Cash Manager Pricing Chart for pricing requirements.

Positive Pay
Payments Fraud Protection

Citizens Trust Bank understands that preventing fraud is a top priority for business professionals. Fraud against your expenditures, in particular, can be a serious threat to your business. It can occur at multiple points in the payment process, by anyone who comes into contact with account information. Unfortunately, the perpetrators can often be trusted contacts. We provide an advanced fraud protection tool to automatically flag unauthorized transactions and help you prevent losses before they occur.
The Positive Pay solution can help you improve decision-making, reduce costs and free your staff to focus on exception items rather than difficult manual reconciliation.

Simple. Seamless. Safe. – Transmit your check issue records to Citizens Trust Bank, and Positive Pay automatically ensures that any checks posted for payment match your records and gives you the ability to match checks with issues items to ensure against check altering.

Remote Deposit Capture for Business

As a business owner, you understand the need for efficiency and productivity. With the remote deposit solution from Citizens Trust Bank, you can gain more immediate access to your receivables and better manage cash flow. Using the required remote deposit scanning device, you can scan and deposit consumer and corporate checks, money orders and cashier’s checks electronically—all without having to visit your local financial center.
To learn more contact a Citizens Trust Bank Commercial Lender or Financial Relationship Manager today.

Remote Deposit Can Help Your Business

  • Make multiple daily deposits from all business locations.
  • Boost productivity and reduce time and travel expense by eliminating daily bank trips.
  • Make flexible, convenient deposits after hours.
  • Improve cash flow management with same-day account credit.
  • Reduce the risk of lost checks and money orders with electronic check deposit.
  • Increase key operation efficiencies