Not just in the community - We are invested.

Focusing on strengthening the places we’re proud to serve.

Citizens Trust Bank is extremely committed and continues to promote community economic growth and stability. We believe that taking care of our customers and the community through personalized engagement: we create a win for everyone. Our conscious contributions will continue to enhance our performance and enable our ability to remain a valued partner.

Each year, several community organizations request sponsorship support in the form of events, including dinners, runs/walks, financial literacy/ empowerment and/or advertisements in programs. Although careful consideration is given to all requests, please be advised that our funds are limited, and we regret that we are unable to fulfill every request.

Sponsorship REQUESTS must align with our mission, vision, values, and strategic initiatives. Proposed partnerships should relate to Community well-being, Business Development, and Financial Empowerment in our community. We ask that community organizations submit written, formal requests a minimum of 12 weeks** prior to the date of the event.

All requests for sponsorship must be accompanied by a completed Citizens Trust Bank Contribution Request FORM

Please forward the formal request and completed application:

By Email: to

By U.S. Mail:
Citizens Trust Bank
Marketing Department
P.O. Box 56943
Atlanta, GA 30343

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