Credit Cards

Citizens Trust Bank Credit Card: The best kept secret in the nation

As a community bank we understand your frustration with big bank credit cards. That’s why we’re proud to offer the first-rate Visa® Credit Cards from Citizens Trust Bank. Get one step closer to becoming financially fit and win the battle against increasingly higher credit card rates, high minimum payments and high annual fees.

Our cards with EMV Chip technology provide you with greater international acceptance and extra levels of security against credit card fraud and above average plans to meet a variety of financial needs. As a fast and convenient way to make purchases, your Visa® Credit Card will be accepted at over 18 million establishments worldwide.

Take advantage of the everyday low rate to transfer the outstanding balances from higher rate credit cards to instantly reduce your finance charges! Apply for the Citizens Trust Bank VISA Card by visiting one of our financial centers or simply apply online. Take advantage of the great benefits the cards have to offer.
Manage your Citizens Trust Bank credit card online with Here you can enroll to receive credit card e-statements, view your current account summary, available credit, statements, recent transactions, and billing information.

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CTB Visa® Classic ATL

Convenient, reliable, the Visa® Classic is accepted by merchants all over the world.

Credit Limits of
$1000 to $4999

CTB Visa® Classic – Secured

The perfect way to build good credit history –

Credit Limits of
$500 to $4,999

CTB Visa® Prestige Elite

Citizens Trust Bank Prestige Elite Visa Credit Card

Enjoy card benefits that go far beyond the average card to provide you with unparalleled travel services, security, and purchase protection.

Credit Limits of
$5000 to $10,000

ScoreCard® Rewards
Every time you make a simple purchase with your Citizens Trust Bank VISA Classic/ATL, you earn SCORECard® Bonus points. The accumulated points can be exchanged for gifts or travel.

How ScoreCard Rewards work?
You earn one ScoreCard® Bonus Point for every net VISA Credit Card dollar you spend.
So whether you buy groceries, gas, new clothes, go to the movies or out to dinner, if you pay with your Citizens Trust Bank VISA credit card, you will earn Bonus Points. Cash advances, convenience checks and returns posted to your credit card are not eligible for Bonus Points. Your monthly credit card and account statement will keep track of your Bonus Point earnings and redemptions.

What are the rewards?
Your Bonus Points can be redeemed for brand-name merchandise from manufacturers like
Dooney & Bourke®, Panasonic, Seiko and SONY…and more. Visit for complete program rules and frequently asked questions

If travel CreditCard-travel is more your style, you’ll love the ScoreCard® Travel Rewards Catalog with rewards that range from hotel CreditCard-hotelCreditCard-food stays to round-trip airline tickets on virtually any airline to vacation packages to luxury cruises there are travel options for everyone with Bonus Points. Bonus Points for merchandise CreditCard-merchandise can be redeemed at any time via mail or on the web at Travel redemptions can be made on the website or over the phone with a representative. For a complete list of rewards, consult your ScoreCard® Merchandise or Travel Rewards Catalog.