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Protecting Your Information

Securing your online experience

Our authentication process is designed to keep your online information safe from identity theft techniques used by Internet criminals. Our Enhanced Online Security feature is a multi-factor authentication process designed to identify customers, personal and business, before the initiation of online banking transactions for protection against fraud and identity theft. In addition to Enhanced Online Security, we also use Encryption as another method of keeping your information secure. This safeguard converts your information into secure code and protects it from hackers.

Citizens Trust Bank believes that keeping our customers, personal as well as business, well informed is the best defense for preventing Internet fraud. It is important that you understand the risks you face on the Internet. Here are the ways your online information can be compromised:

  • Phishing normally involves an email which lures you to a Web site that looks official (like one from your financial institution). Once there, you are tricked into entering your personal information (like your account numbers and passwords).
  • Pharming is very similar to Phishing. You are misdirected to a fraudulent Web site without your knowledge and usually asked to complete an online form with your personal information which is then stolen.
  • Malware Malicious software that is often sent via email. This is any software that is used to infiltrate your computer without your consent. This software can be used by fraudsters to gain access to your personal information such as passwords, PINs and account numbers.

Keep your computer safe by regularly installing and updating your anti-virus software and anti-malware programs. The firewalls on your computer should always be activated. Updates to your computer are called patches. You should update your system frequently to make sure you have the latest patches.

Citizens Trust Bank will never contact you via email. Protect your information and never follow a link from a suspicious email. If you suspect fraud, contact us directly at 678.406.4000 before entering any important financial information online.